Monday, January 3, 2011


Well its the new year.  I like many of you want to see into the crystal ball of what is going to happen for the next 365 days.  There are a couple of people that I think are pretty good prognosticators.  I have downloaded and are reading what they think will happen.  Personally, I like seeing what they say and then seeing if anything matches.  Well to all a Happy and prosperous New Year.  If you want to hear some of them, go to  Whitley Strieber's site.  You'll need to become a subscriber to listen to the Dreamland broadcasts, but it is worth it and very inexpensive.

Oh I'm still educating myself on the Pleadians, have not made any definitive decisions yet, but will let you know if I find something concrete.  If you want to see one of my sources, then click on the link to animalspirits blog.  Its interesting stuff.

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